10 questions with Ali Finn from fit4mom Lake Zurich!


Ali Finn is our first blog post on this new platform because she embodies everything we picture when we think community. Not only did this Mama transplant from the city a few years ago, she has grown one of the largest communities within a community in just over a year. She opened the doors to FIT4MOM in our community in summer of 2016 after being in the education/wellness industry for a decade!! FIT4MOM is the Nation’s largest fitness company for moms. They offer prenatal fitness, stroller fitness, mom only results based fitness as well as run club and currently serve Lake Zurich, Buffalo Grove, Mundelein, and Wauconda! It fosters an amazing motherhood bond and friendships between moms, while at the same time providing positive health examples for your kids, playtime after and a weekly craft. It caters to every kind of mom with an amazing weekly schedule. I found it to be an wonderful resource as a new mom, but also a resource for new community members and old ones, looking for another place to bond and belong to. Ali has built this business with some amazing support systems like her husband Ian, and fellow moms spreading the word about this amazing group. I personally have done her Body Back program after having my daughter, and lost several inches during the program and continued on with a new healthy lifestyle afterwards.


What community do you live in and why?

We live in Lake Zurich and LOVE it. Rachel suggested it when we were considering moving, and we fell in love right away and have embraced our neighborhood in Chestnut Corners!

What was your last big home project? Any advice?

We recently painted all of our cabinets- all 43 of them! Advice would be to make sure you have someone to watch the kids while you do it! It was a labor of love but we love the end product! We used Behr Polar Bear White!

Describe your perfect date night in the burbs.

We love trying local eateries and watering holes. We love anything that is unique to the area and have been trying to shop local too like Enzo and Lucia’s in downtown Long Grove!

Where is your favorite local place to shop for clothes?

I just discovered Luxe Wearhouse at the Quentin Collection on Rand- it is wonderful!


What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger. I still do 🙂

What book made a difference to you?

I read the feminine mystique when I was in high school and although old, it changed my view on the modern woman. I still think I get my drive from some thought that popped up when I was reading that!

What is your favorite thing to cook at home?

I love to cook anything from my Body Back meal plans. Family favorites are honey balsamic chicken, turkey fiesta skillet, and Power pancakes!

Where is your favorite place to buy things for your home?

I love a great trip to Homegoods, but I also love finding things at Craft fairs. I bought a gorgeous hand painted canvas from a high school student from Buffalo Grove this past weekend. It is gorgeous and reminds me that talent is everywhere. It says “Do what you love and love what you do”.

What is your main goal for 2017?

My main goal in 2017 is to reach #allthemoms. I love being a part of my community, and I want all moms to have access to FIT4MOM. I often say that it was what was missing from my daughter’s life for her first 8 months, but it also was missing from my motherhood.


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