7 Questions with Lori & Tom from White Oak Gourmet!

Located in downtown Long Grove, White Oak Gourmet has been a part of the Long Grove community since 2015.  The business prepares chef-created meals available for pickup, or they will deliver the meals right from their kitchen to your fridge. Each week, a new menu is posted featuring 8 to 12 different entrée choices. Customers can select their meal choices for the week. If not cooking for the week sounds too good to be true, it gets better. The owners of White Oak Gourmet, Lori and Tom, are dedicated to providing delicious fresh home style meals, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your family’s health goals while still enjoying your food.  

White Oak Gourmet is wonderful to have in the community as no matter what situation you are in, you can count on them to prepare tasty and fresh meals. For example, if you just moved and need a few weeks to get settled into your new home, you can check cooking off of your list and select breakfast, lunch and dinner for your entire family for the week. If you and some friends are heading to Ravinia Park and you want to bring dinner, Lori can help put together a menu so that you can bring a delicious dinner that everybody will love. White Oak Gourmet is a great business to have in Long Grove and is definitely worth giving a try!

Here are my questions with Lori and Tom from White Oak Gourmet!

1) Tell us about your business.

At White Oak Gourmet, we produce organic, local and fresh meals for in-home delivery and to retail outlets throughout greater Chicagoland. 

2) Why did you choose to move your business to Long Grove?

We chose Long Grove because it fit our needs and we wanted to be a part of the revitalization of the historic downtown.

3) How did White Oak Gourmet begin?

We (Tom and Lori) started White Oak Gourmet in 2004. Tom had been a chef in many North Shore restaurants, and we were ready to move to our own business when we began as a personal chef service and caterer. In 2012, in an effort to accommodate the growing requests, we began the in-home delivery service. It was an experiment for sure and it took off beyond our expectations!

We opened our kitchen in the summer of 2015 and added our wholesale line of fresh packaged foods, which are available all over the northwest burbs, the north shore and greater Chicagoland.

Being committed to supporting our local farmers and keeping the chef-farmer connection strong, we are founding members of Ground Up Chicago, a chef-farmer partnership. 

We are currently in a growth period with a concentration on developing our wholesale line. This requires the growing of our team of cooks and drivers.

4) What community do you live in?

We live in northern Arlington Heights which is, for the first time in our lives, approximately five minutes away from our downtown Long Grove kitchen.

5) Do you host any events at White Oak Gourmet?

We periodically offer private dinners in our space. Our large communal table allows all to share a meal and stories and make new friends. Because a great meal brings all the kids to the yard!

6) What is your favorite thing to cook at home?

At home, we love to cook simply. Pasta with lemon, capers and chile flakes with a nice rosé, or our “clean out the crisper” bin stir fry with a great IPA.

7) When you aren’t working, what do you enjoy doing in Long Grove?

We enjoy riding our bikes through town and having a few beers at the Buffalo Creek Brewery.

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