8 Questions with Burn Boot Camp in Long Grove

Women all across the country love Burn Boot Camp. Now, our community has a chance to join in on the hype as Burn Boot Camp recently opened its doors in Long Grove! The workouts at Burn Boot Camp are NO JOKE as each workout is different. You’ll be challenged but you’ll also have a lot of fun completing each workout. Beyond the workouts, what really sets Burn Boot Camp apart is the community that you will find. The relationships you will find at Burn are irreplaceable. Women at Burn Boot Camp encourage each other, celebrate their successes & hold each other accountable.

Here are my 8 Questions with Burn Boot Camp in Long Grove

1. Tell us about Burn Boot Camp. What can people expect? How did it get started? Why are you excited that Burn Boot Camp has expanded and just opened in Long Grove?

At Burn Boot Camp, we know life can get a little crazy sometimes so we design  our workouts to maximize your results in just 45 minutes – in and out in under an hour! Our members have access to unlimited camps weekly in addition to complimentary child watch, one-on-one meetings with the head trainer, and personalized nutritional guidance. We offer seven camps per day Monday-Friday and two on Saturday to fit all schedules, and we do not require pre-registration in order to participate. You come in when it works for you! When you come in for a camp, you can expect a welcome and a smile from our Burn Ambassador, a great (and sweaty) workout from our Head Trainer, and a ton of high fives from the Burn Community! We are thrilled to have been just the second location to open in Illinois (after our sister gym, Lake Zurich), and cannot wait to see Burn Boot Camp continue to grow in the Chicagoland area!

2. How do you think Burn Boot Camp impacts the community?

Here at Burn, we are HUGE on building community within the gym. We are more than just a gym; We are a family! We also work to get involved in the community – working to serve the community while building awareness of who we are and what we do.

 3. Do you host any events?

We do! Just this past Saturday, we held an event to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We called it “Be Their Muscle” and Burn Boot Camp members all over the nation worked out in honor of those who do not have that privilege. As a brand, we raised over $130,000 to send children affected by Muscular Dystrophy to summer camp where they will have the opportunity to do things they might not otherwise be able to. It was a huge success! We are always looking for other events and ideas to get our community involved in the local community as well!

4. What makes Burn Boot Camp unique?

Burn Boot Camp was started five years ago as a Fit Community of Moms. Being a gym that caters primarily to women is just one thing that sets us apart from other gyms. That said, it quickly became apparent that men wanted in on the workouts too! While the majority of our camps remain women only, we now open up our evening camps after 5:00 pm for men to join in on the fun!

5. Do you have any recommendations for healthy dining options around the Long Grove area? Where do you like to eat out in the area?

I love a good salad bar, because you can make it anything you want! If I have some extra time between camps, I will often run next door to Sunset Foods and build myself a salad. The more color, the better! They also have a trial mix bar, and I love it!

6. When you’re not training clients, where do you like to go/what do you like to do in the Long Grove area?

I love exploring the Historic Downtown Area of Long Grove. There are so many cute shops and restaurants to check out just minutes from the gym.

7. What is your favorite local place to shop for clothes/athletic ware?

I shop at a variety of places – no one place in particular. It’s really about finding pieces that work for you and your style! Wear what’s going to make you feel and look your best.

8. What community do you live in and why?

I currently live in Arlington Heights, but many of our members live just minutes from the gym and love the convenience of the location. There’s no excuse not to make it in for your daily workout that way! 🙂



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