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My husband and I recently started going to CrossFit. I feel like that comes with a certain level of intimidation from people who haven’t done it before and think maybe its just for people in really good shape.  It is SOOO far from the truth. Anyone can get started doing it. I have to tell you that our experience with CrossFit Carbon in the community of Vernon Hills has not only changed our bodies but also our relationship. It has become a topic at the dinner table, which over the last year has transformed into a gluten and dairy free table. The most amazing part of CrossFit Carbon that I just had to share is the sense of community you feel when you walk in the door. Everyone introduces themselves to you, and at the end everyone congratulates each other on their accomplishments. It ranges from the average “joe’s” (ME!) to some amazing Athletes. The best part about it is that its almost like personal training since you literally get THE best attention from the coaches on safety, form, and modifications. To them its more important that you get the motion correctly and use your muscles the right way, than over lifting and pushing too hard on your body. That is not to say it isn’t an fabulous workout! The family, and yes I mean family, that runs the show over here is the most down to earth and caring group you could ever meet. Pete and Ivy have not only built a community at Carbon, but their two boys get to see their parents doing what they love, helping people live better lives, and they get to be there while they do it. We had the pleasure of bringing Camille to their family class on Saturdays and it was so fun. Their sons Cayden (5) and Ryker (1) and not only do they bring a smile to your face because they are adorable, but I love seeing Cayden try to work out with them, and already have that healthy lifestyle set for him. It definitely inspires me as a parent, but also as a community member. I also love the 5 min drive from my house door to door…

Here are my 9 Questions with Pete Rasmusen at CrossFit Carbon!

The Rasmusen Family


1. What community do you live in and why?

We live in Wauconda. We chose our community because it is a little smaller and near the forest preserve (dog park included). More specifically we chose our neighborhood because it is small and very kid friendly.

2. What was your last big home project? Any advice?

 Our last big home project was our kids bathroom. It was a complete remodel minus the tub and surrounding tile. We built all cabinetry custom to the space myself and with the help of my wife we made it as unique as possible for 2 little boys. My advice to any homeowner is to never stop learning about your handy homeowner skills. There is no better satisfaction then when a professional sees your work and says whoever you hired did a good job. Then you get to smile, and respond with “I did it myself”.

3. Describe your perfect date night in town.

 Of course kid free :-). We enjoy Firkin or The Green Room in Libertyville.

4. Where is your favorite local place to shop for clothes/athletic ware?

Good question, Owning a gym I seem to just acquire clothes from everywhere.  

5. What did you want to be when you were younger?

Professional baseball player!

6. What book made a difference to you?

Start with Why by Simon Sinek. It really gets to the core of how to live and find your passion.

7. What is your favorite thing to cook at home?

Anything on the grill! If I had to choose one I would say a nice rib-eye.

8. Where is your favorite place to buy things for your home/renovate?

Home Depot or as the boys call it “the orange store, again”

9. What is your main goal for 2018?

Business: Owning my own business it is easy to be consumed 24hrs a day. Setting boundaries and creating habits that will allow me to be more efficient during the work day so I can put it away once I am home. Personal: Create 1 lasting memory (experience) every month with my family. Camping, Hiking, Weekend get-away. Not letting time get away.


Find out more and come join me and my family at class! You can find me, Rachel, MW at 5:30am, and Saturdays with Vince and Camille at 9am. Sign up for your first class free here! https://crossfitcarbon.com/

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