Our team photographer will be the one to photograph your home! We customize every image and will send you a proof of the photos to approve.

The photo shoot will take between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the size of your home.

We will photograph the inside and outside of your home and all major rooms. We will not photograph unfinished basements or garages unless they have special features.

The pictures we take of your property will be posted to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which will then feed to almost 200 independent websites. Needless to say, these pictures should feature your property at its best!

To prepare for pictures, take a look at the following list...


  • Move all vehicles from driveway and do not park in front of your home.
  • Put all garbage cans inside the garage.
  • Remove all garden tools from view, including hoses and sprinklers.
  • Mow and rake your yard and shovel your driveway if it is winter.
  • Sweep all decks and patios.
  • Trim bushes and trees away from your home.


  • Clean your home from top to bottom. Wash or vacuum floors, wipe down all surfaces, clean all mirrors, shower doors, and windows - smudges will show!
  • and make all beds.
  • Remove items from surfaces except for lamps and neutral decor objects.
  • Clear all clutter from the floor - the only things touching the floor should be furniture, floor lamps, neutral rugs and select large decorative pieces.
  • Hide all electrical cords.
  • Clear off the refrigerator.
  • Remove bathmats and used towels and place neutral decorative towels in bathrooms. Open shower curtains.
  • Hide all trash cans from view.
  • Remove personal items like family photos and diplomas.
  • Consider setting the dining room table as you would for a dinner party.
  • Fix or replace broken blinds.
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working and open all blinds and draperies.
    • If a room is particularly dark, replace light bulbs with high-wattage daylight bulbs. Our listing coordinator will turn on all lights for pictures, so you can help expedite the process by having them on before they arrive. Stay away from blue or yellow lights.
  • Turn off televisions and fans.
  • Be open-minded! Our listing coordinator may want to move or remove items from a room. Remember that even if you have put thought into an object’s placement, our listing coordinator knows what will look best.

The MLS now allows for a maximum of 50 pictures to be posted of a property and we will post only the best photos. The average number is 15-25 or more. This may mean that a room - usually a bathroom or laundry room - will not be included if it did not photograph well.

Our listing coordinator will attach a lock box when the photographer is at your home. Licensed real estate agents, appraisers and radon detection specialists are granted access to the lock box. Agents will receive the lock box code only when they call our office to schedule a showing for the home and they must have a valid agent ID to do so. The code is NOT public information and will not be given to anyone without reason and verification.

The yard sign is ordered after pictures are taken and is posted by a sign company. They will typically have the sign posted within 24 hours of the order being placed. The sign stays on the property until closing.


You can keep track of your showings by using the Showing Time App. After your property is entered into MLS, you will receive an email asking you to download Showing Time to your smartphone. Follow the directions in the email to download the app. You can use Showing Time to confirm appointments and to view all showings and feedback. We do send a weekly report to you to let you know how showings are going.

You will either receive a text, phone call or an email that is automated through Showing Time. It will tell you the day and time an agent has requested to see your home and ask you for confirmation - this also depends on the showing preferences you have established with your agent.

This varies, but on average you will receive 12-24 hours notice for a showing. Sometimes an agent will request an immediate showing, so make sure you are prepared to vacate the home at a moment’s notice.

Most showings take place in the evening and on the weekends when people are not at work.

We ask that you only request to change a showing time if you absolutely cannot accommodate it. Agents who are showing homes are often working with limited time and are showing multiple homes in a row. If you ask them to reschedule, there is no guarantee that they will be able to work the new time into their itinerary which means you may lose a potential buyer.

Any agent who wants to and has a qualified buyer! Agents from our team will show your home if we have a buyer who is interested, but most of the time it will be shown by other agents.

YES! Buyers are far more comfortable and thus have a more pleasant showing experience if the seller is not present. If you must be present, be courteous and do not engage with the buyer. Leave the sales to the trained real estate agent.

Take your pets with you when you leave for a showing, or ask a friend to watch them. Some people do not like animals or their odors. If you absolutely cannot remove the pet from the home, keep them in a room with the door closed and a sign on the door.

Most showings are scheduled in hour windows. They may show up right at the end of the scheduled time, and will be showing your home past the hour timeframe that was set. If you come home and they’re still inside, drive around the neighborhood for a while before going inside. Agents should call if they’re running late or early, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

If anyone knocks on your door with or without an agent to see your home, tell them that they need to schedule an appointment. Feel free to give them a marketing packet along with my business card. NEVER let anyone in without an appointment!

Before going on the market, make any necessary repairs to your home that our listing expert recommends. Check out our Preferred Vendors List for recommendations. Reducing clutter in your home will go a long way in making your home appealing to potential buyers.

Once your property is listed, aim to maintain your home as it was for pictures. Make sure the home is at a comfortable temperature and smells pleasant - place a subtle air freshener scent or bring cinnamon sticks to a slow boil in a pot of water to mask smells. For each showing, turn on all lights and open blinds and draperies; open doors to areas you want buyers to see, like walk-in closets, pantries etc. Keep a laundry basket or other container handy to toss clutter into and hide.

The first thing a prospective buyer sees is going to be the outside of your home. Put some time into boosting your home’s curb appeal with the following suggestions:

  • Keep your yard mowed, raked, fertilized and watered.
  • Remove all toys, garden equipment, unsightly patio furniture, and debris from your yard.
  • Refresh peeling paint and replace any missing shingles. Make sure all windows are washed and sparkling. Clean gutters and drain spouts and make sure they are firmly attached and functioning.
  • Consider staging your front door. Potential buyers spend a fair amount of time at the front door waiting for their realtor to open the lock box and unlock the door. Paint the door and trim, add a potted plant, change any aged door hardware and put out a new welcome mat.
  • Make sure your house number is clearly visible. Buyers can’t visit the house if they can’t find it!


All feedback that is left can be found in Showing Time. We email the agent six times, call them multiple times, and text. If we dont get a response then we know the buyer is not interested.

Our Customer Service Specialist handles all outstanding feedback and can answer any questions you may have. We are on top of the feedback, so please be patient while we are reaching out, as many agents take a few days to respond unless their client is interested that day in making an offer.

Our Team reads every piece of feedback that is left the second it becomes available. We will answer any questions an agent may ask and follow up with any interested parties.

While it is common courtesy for agents to leave feedback about a home they have shown, it is not mandated. Agents who don’t leave feedback will receive multiple emails, calls and texts. Any feedback that is received over the phone or through email will be entered into Showing Time so that all of your feedback is compiled in one place.


We do our best to optimize all of the websites that allow us to add details such as Zillow, Trulia, and REMAX.COM. The MLS will feed to over 200 websites.

It can take up to 72 hours for all details and photos to sync.

We do open houses depending on the season, weather, and interest and location. Those who attend open houses are usually neighbors or other sellers who want to see their competition. Any serious buyer will set up a private showing with us or their agents. Some cities yield more viewers than other which we can discuss in detail.

Call our listing coordinator! She will be happy to replenish either supply.

There are four important factors when it comes to selling a home: price, condition, marketing and accessibility. We control only the marketing, you control everything else. For a timely and successful sale, maintain your property so that buyers can see its value, be open to price reductions if your property isn’t getting traction and ensure that the property is available for showings, especially on the weekends. Take our advice and recommendations. We are the “Haus Experts!”

Have more questions? Call our listing coordinator or your agent. We love hearing from you and are always happy to help.